The Jewish Federation Joins Tens of Thousands Celebrating Israel’s 75th Birthday

Gilda Franceze marches with the Jewish Federation NEPA at the Celebrate Israel Parade Day (6/4/23)

Gilda Franceze

 On Sunday, June 4, 2023, a luxurious charter bus transported members of the Jewish Federation of Northeastern Pennsylvania to NYC to participate in the Annual Celebrate Israel Parade walking down famed Fifth Avenue along with tens of thousands of other schools, synagogues and social organizations who all are proud to know that the modern State of Israel is here and who support and celebrate its 75th year.

Mendel and Jasmine Kornfeld at the Celebrate Israel Day Parade 2023

Mendel and Jasmine Kornfeld

Holding banners and waving flags our group was made up of young and old, Scranton and the Poconos. The weather was perfect for the walk as well and the music in the streets along with the many many well-wishers along the sidewalks encouraged our walkers to keep an energetic pace.

John Sanoki, Roberta Paniero, Irene Solzenberg

John Sanoki, Roberta Paniero, Irene Solzenberg

After the parade, we stopped in Teaneck, N.J. a favorite part of the trip for many, and enjoyed the delights of various kosher dining establishments.

The participants of the parade from Scranton included: Michele Ackerman, Cantor Vladimir, Mila, and Elizabeth Aronzon, Marion Beddoe, Jason and Nofar Flesher and children, Gilda Franceze, Victoria and David Geyfman, Marge Hartnett, Marie Hopkins, Mendel and Jasmine Kornfeld, Mary Malia, Chana Manarchuk, Brian Masters, Mary Warnock, Barbara Zilla and our participants from the Poconos: Eric Bernbaum, Glenda Deutsche, Susan Jonas, Roberta Paniero, John Sanoki, Jonathan Spinner, Irene Solzenberg.

Thank you to the Jewish Federation and Dr. Daniel Chejfec, executive director, for sponsoring this exciting event.


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