NEPA Jewish community reaction to Hamas attack on Israel

For Immediate Release

The Jewish Community of Northeastern Pennsylvania condemns today’s unprovoked attacks by Hamas terrorists against Israel targeting civilians. We stand in solidarity with the people of Israel and its government as they work to save lives. We call on peace-loving people both here and in the national and international community to stand with Israel and condemn Hamas and those who reject peace.

We welcome the strong words of President Biden in condemning these appalling acts, as well as other leaders from the European Union, France, Germany, Italy, and Ukraine. We are thankful for the support from our friends in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Today, as in 1973, Israel was again attacked on a Holy Day, the Festival of Rejoicing in the Torah (Simchat Torah).  The reports of massive civilian deaths, injuries, and the kidnapping of soldiers and civilians are distressing.  As we pray for the victims and their families, we are grateful that the Iron Dome defense system was able to prevent many more rockets from inflicting even worse damage.

Although we have confidence that Israel will prevail and make the perpetrators pay the price for their aggression, our hearts now go out to the victims and their families. Hamas, its backers, and groups like it that intend to destroy Israel and harm Jews must not be allowed to continue to incite hate and carry out acts of terrorism.

While coexistence between Israel and its neighbors has improved over the years, today’s dastardly attacks demonstrate that full peace is not yet at hand.  We hope a universal condemnation of Hamas and rejection of their destructive ideology and tactics will be a significant step in that direction.