Jewish Federation NEPA’s Executive Director, Daniel Chejfec, Ph.D

This morning we went to Jerusalem to visit an elementary school called “Argentina,” a fun fact for me as I was born there! When I asked one of the teachers whether they celebrated Messi’s victory, he told me quite a few kids did 🙂

Students from the Argentina School in Jerusalem

We attended the school’s Yom HaZikaron observance which was very moving, including the sharing of some stories connected with families who are part of their community, some about graduates, or parents or graduates who became school parents. After the ceremony, we had a conversation with the teachers, and one of the issues that came up is how they are trying to make accommodations for the children of Haredi families who are moving into the neighborhood. But of course, as change is never easy, these adjustments are creating tensions on both sides. Having seen how the school works, I have little doubt that they will find solutions.


After school, we visited the Pardes Institute, a nondenominational institute for Jewish studies, where we engaged in some study of our own, discussing several texts related to the death and burial of Joseph, compared with those of Rabbi Hanina Ben Teradyon and King Hezekiah – followed by some modern Hebrew poetry building on that imagery to infuse a sense of continuity with Modern Zionism. It was a good opportunity for learning.


Upon returning to Tel Aviv, we are getting now ready for a party on the Tel Aviv Boardwalk sponsored by the Boston Federation; a party intended to make the transition from the solemnity of remembrance to the celebration of independence. Tomorrow will be just fun, celebrating 75 years of Independence with our Israeli family – because we are one people, and we share a common destiny.


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