UN warns of collapse of Gaza services after Hamas destroys fuel depot

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Gaza is facing yet another humanitarian crisis as a result of Hamas’ violent and destructive actions.  By: AP and World Israel News Staff The United Nations has warned that an alternative method of getting fuel to Gaza must be found urgently; otherwise, dwindling supplies needed to run hospitals, collect garbage, pump water and treat sewage will [...]

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IDF blows up Gaza terror tunnel, killing at least 7

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JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Israel Defense Forces blew up a terrorist tunnel that stretched from Khan Younis in Gaza to Israel. The tunnel, which ended in Israel near the border with Gaza, is believed to have been dug after the 2014 Gaza war. At least seven Gazan Palestinians were killed and another 11 injured in the [...]

Trashing a Transcript to Implicate Israel

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On August 10, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) The World Today radio program interviewed a representative from Oxfam on the topic of Gaza’s electricity crisis. (You can listen to the interview here.) While the interview was not controversial, why is it that the ABC transcript of host Eleanor Hall’s introduction does not match what she actually said? Specifically, why was a [...]

SWC Condemns Deadly Jerusalem Truck Attack

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Originally posted on January 8, 2017, on Real Obstacle To Two-State Solution Is Palestinian Terrorism Which Should Be Target Of Upcoming Paris 'Peace' Conference The Simon Wiesenthal Center condemned today’s murderous truck attack that killed and maimed Israelis in Jerusalem. Photo: Distributing sweets in Gaza after the Jerusalem truck attack. The streets of Hamas filled up [...]