The Real Obstacle to Peace: Jew Hatred & Terrorism

//The Real Obstacle to Peace: Jew Hatred & Terrorism

The Real Obstacle to Peace: Jew Hatred & Terrorism

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Anti-Semitism continues to be rampant across Palestinian society
As President Benyamin Netanyahu meets with President Trump on Wednesday there will be much discussion about keeping alive the “Two-State Solution.”

Israeli communities, aka “settlements” on the West Bank are often depicted as the main obstacle to peace. In reality, it is the unending hatred of the Jewish people, and the ongoing terrorist targeting of innocent Israelis that is the main obstacle to peaceful coexistence.

The leadership of the Palestinians:

Hamas, whose founding anti-Semitic charter calls for the destruction of the Jewish people. That founding principle continues to inculcate each new generation with genocidal hate of Jews, through the mosques and schools, online and by the continuous threats to launch 100,000 missile and cross-border terror attacks using sophisticated tunnel networks.

The Palestinian Authority continues to promote terrorists as role models; naming sports venues, schools, and streets, in honor of Palestinian terrorists who murdered Jews. Teachers’ lessons, Imam’s sermons, online and on TV, all reinforce the lie that their Jewish neighbors are interlopers who stole Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem.

Many educators at UNRWA – the UN institution teaching young Palestinians are themselves spreading anti-Semitic hate. A new UN Watch report highlights teachers and principals posting online and saying, “God bless Hitler”; celebrating Hamas rocket fire on Tel Aviv, to hit “the Jews”; and even glorifying terrorists who murdered 4 rabbis praying in a Jerusalem synagogue.
Israel cannot and should not be expected to “negotiate” it’s future with partners who preach Jew-hatred to its children, and calls for the destruction of the Jewish State.

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