I Stand With…..

//I Stand With…..

I Stand With…..

Avi Ganz
November 1, 2015, 7:59 am
The Times of Israel

Avi-Ganz-mediumThe human mind is pretty amazing.  We anticipate evil as something other than our own experience.  Sure, there are shoplifters, tax-evaders, and the Devil’s first-begotten son: double parkers, but they are not EVIL.  Evil refers to a special brand of villain; the kind one meets on a page or in a theater. We’ll never meet a real gangster — only gangsters meet gangsters. Only murderous members of rivaling tribes meet in dark alleyways to commit the unthinkable.

And then evil visits our doorstep. Something has changed. When school bus stops are not exclusively places symbolic of limitless potential because now they also have permanent memorials to the youths who were kidnapped from there and subsequently murdered, things have changed.  When local volunteers drop their books and head to the ambulance but, in addition to a seat belt, they strap on bullet-proof vests for protection, something has changed.  When a ten-year-old tells her father that her teacher has a “certain look that she gets when there is a “pigu’a” (attack) and she has been getting that look a lot a lot”, something has changed. Read more…

(This article was re-published with permission of Times of Israel. For the full article, click here)

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