Spirited Art a Spirited Success

//Spirited Art a Spirited Success

Spirited Art a Spirited Success

Despite the frigid temperatures outdoors, over 30 women participated in the Jewish Federation sponsored Girls Night Out; Spirited Art Event which took place on Monday January 11, 2016.

Chairladies Leah Laury and Rebecca Tschampel, along with Dassy Ganz of the Jewish Federation set up a delicious wine and cheese buffet which included coffee, fruit and dips as well.

The Federation helped defray the cost to the individual artists which encouraged the large attendance. The chairladies chose the painting ( Van Gogh’s Seaside) from a huge selection offered by the studio and Spirited Art Studios in Dickson City provided the equipment and instructors who guided all from novices to the more experienced through the process of creating their own painting to hang at home.

“This event”, said organizers “was a chance for many new members of our community to mingle with those living here longer and, hopefully, will bring even more into the Federation ‘family’”.

As the Jewish Federation continues to reach out the younger members of NEPA, we will continue to present creative events for all ages.

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