Lee Glassman “the Federation’s tour guide”

//Lee Glassman “the Federation’s tour guide”

Lee Glassman “the Federation’s tour guide”

Glassman 002The Goodman Lounge of the Scranton JCC was the venue for a delightful evening with. Lee Glassman is originally from Scranton and now lives in Israel where he is a professional tour guide. His sweeping knowledge of the land and history of Israel is astounding and his passionate delivery takes one along on the journey of a lifetime.

Lee told us the story of the original “Macha”l”- Volunteers from outside Israel- who formed the protocols for the Israeli Army and Navy and created the Israeli Air Force. Sprinkled with personal biographical stories of the various heroes delivered with drama and humor, the audience sat spellbound during the program.

Jay Weiss, a member of the Board of Trustees and organizer of Federation’s missions to Israel, introduced Lee and announced the upcoming mission to Israel scheduled for October 2015.


For further information on the mission, please contact the Federation at 570-961-2300 x2 or dassy.ganz@jewishnepa.org

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