Friendship, Solidarity, and Support

//Friendship, Solidarity, and Support

Friendship, Solidarity, and Support

Israel Emergency Appeal


  • Help relocate and care for families and children in danger
  • Strengthen post-traumatic stress services
  • Finding safe haven for all who are in harm’s way
  • Provide financial assistance to Israeli organizations that are providing emergency medical services
  • Provide bomb shelters for Kibbutz Sa’ad that straddles the Gaza border

The Jewish Federation of Northeastern Pennsylvania has launched an Israel Emergency Appeal the proceeds of which will assist in relocating and caring for Israeli families and children in danger, strengthening trauma services, finding safe haven for all who are in harm’s way, providing financial assistance to Israeli organizations that are providing emergency services and providing bomb shelters for a small kibbutz that straddles the Gaza border and which is not protected by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Israel is now engaged in an existential war with Hamas – an organization that was established by the Moslem Brotherhood for the sole purpose of destroying Israel and eradicating the Jewish state. Its dedication to that “holy war” has resulted in untold misery and hardship for the Israeli people.

For years, Hamas terrorists have fired missiles indiscriminately into Israeli cities, towns and kibbutzim traumatizing its population and forcing thousands of men, women and children to flee into bomb shelters just as the British were required to do during the London blitz in World War II.

Now that Israel has decided to respond with a forceful land incursion to break Hamas once and for all, pressure is mounting on the Israeli government to accept another futile ceasefire, the effect of which would be to allow Hamas to re-arm, regain its credibility, restore its power among the Palestinians, and continue its genocidal war against Israel with even deadlier weapons.

While Israel is waging its war against Hamas, we too have a role to play in this conflict.

Although we cannot be with our brothers and sisters in Israel, we must support them with our voices, with our hearts, and with our financial resources just as we have done so many times before over the past sixty-six years.

How Will Our Israel Emergency Funds Be Used?

Immediate Relief from the Line of Fire for More than 40,000 Children

Israel Emergency Fund dollars allocated in this Emergency Campaign will provide relief for over 40,000 children living closest to the line of fire by removing them from the front lines into summer camps, youth villages and enrichment classes.

It is a respite from the confines of the indoor playgrounds that have become their “normal” play spaces. Other programs will provide enrichment classes for teens and activity kits to distract children confined to these shelters as sirens blare outside.

In these enterprises, our partners include the Jewish Agency for Israel, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, World ORT, Ethiopian National Project, Israel Movement for Reform & Progressive Judaism and Masorti Movement.

Additional Help for 20,000 of Israel’s Most Vulnerable Citizens

In normal times, senior centers provide thousands of seniors living in poverty (many of them Holocaust survivors) with food and comfort. Today, however, it’s too dangerous for them to travel, and many are living within the walls of their apartments. They are virtual prisoners in their homes, afraid to be far from shelter. For some, this means they are cut off from food, medication and outside contact. In addition, people with mobility issues and other disabilities are isolated, spending long days and nights in bleak concrete shelters. New immigrants unfamiliar with Hebrew and their new environment are also frightened and disoriented.

Working through the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and the JDC, our emergency funds will be used to deploy more caseworkers to bring food, medicine and comfort to the elderly (and other vulnerable groups like the disabled) in their own homes. Jewish Agency-funded organizations are also installing equipment (like air conditioners) to make them more comfortable, and are providing Internet connections to give them access to the outside world.

Partners: The Jewish Agency for Israel, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
Expanded Trauma Support for 15,000 Israelis

When sirens blare, tens of thousands of Israelis take cover. But when the all-clear sounds, many continue to suffer from trauma that may not be as visible as a physical injury, but is just as real.

Parents calling trauma hotlines report symptoms of post-traumatic stress in their children, like nausea and refusal to go outside. Trauma care providers report a 300% increased need for services to help Israelis manage anxiety, stress and fear – especially among the most vulnerable.

Our emergency funds will provide psychological assistance to help 15,000 civilians and first responders weather the current storm. Program costs range from $1,200 to $3,600 a patient. But this sum just covers immediate support – counseling. Needs are likely to grow over time. In addition, demands on help hot-lines are up dramatically. Working through the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and its partners, our funds will enable a significant expansion of those services.

Partners: Israel Trauma Coalition, The Jewish Agency for Israel, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and Masorti Movement
Flexible Assistance for 13 Communities Hit Hardest by the Conflict

Israeli municipalities are at the forefront of managing local community services and responses to attacks. Targeting local assistance programs through the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) in conjunction with the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) Office in Israel with our emergency funds will help them bridge the gap between government aid and community needs, enhancing the quality of life for Israelis living in these targeted communities.

Partners: JFNA, along with Federation representatives in Israel, will coordinate this program.

Portable bomb shelters for Kibbutz Saad

Kibbutz Sa’ad is a small agricultural kibbutz located less than two miles from the Gaza border. It is not protected by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system which is used almost exclusively for Israel’s larger populated cities and towns.

As a consequence, the kibbutz has been attacked by Hamas rockets on many occasions in the past and workers in the fields have been unable to reach the kibbutz’s central bomb shelter in time. The kibbutz has requested Israel Emergency Campaign funds from us to purchase two or three portable bomb shelters that would be placed in the fields of Kibbutz Sa’ad and provide immediate shelter to its members.

Part of the funds raised in this Israel Emergency Fund Campaign will be allocated for this purpose.

Israel Emergency Fund (IEF) recipients under consideration

Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)
Kibbutz Sa’ad (bomb shelters)
Barzelai Medical Center (Ashkelon)
Hadassah Medical Center (Jerusalem)
Magen David Adom
Friends of the IDF
Yad Eliezer
Yashar LaChayal
Yad Ezra V’Shulamit


Please join us in supporting Israel in its hour of need.

All Israel Emergency Fund contributions are tax deductible and checks may be sent to:

 Jewish Federation of Northeastern Pennsylvania
601 Jefferson Avenue
Scranton, PA 18510


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