Above and Beyond Captivates Again

//Above and Beyond Captivates Again

Above and Beyond Captivates Again

Temple Israel of the Pocono hosted the Annual Pocono UJA Dinner Event on Sunday evening September 20, 2015. About 50 people from around the Poconos joined the Jewish Federation to support Israel and Jews worldwide.

Colfax Avenue Caterers delighted with a delicious buffet dinner while friends, old and new, chatted and enjoyed each other’s company.

Dr. Sandra Alfonsi, president of Temple Israel welcomed the assembled and thanked everyone for their commitment to the fundraising campaign. Then co-chairs Ed and Ann Monsky spoke about the importance of the financial support of every person to make a difference in the lives of Jewish communities in NEPA and the world. Ed continued by introducing the movie, “Above and Beyond”.

The movie, which tells the story of the creation of the Israeli air force thanks to “Machal”- volunteers from the US and other countries, kept its audience at the edge of its seats.

“This movie is amazing! Truly a story that is too fantastic to be true…but it is!”

“The State of Israel was built on miracles and we just watched some!”

Mark Silverberg, executive director of the Jewish Federation of NEPA, closed the evening by reminding the attendees that Israel needs us especially now to help with the absorption of thousands of French and Ukrainian olim.

Thank you to all the participants in our campaign events. Super Sunday is October 11, 2015 at Nivert Metal in Throop.

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