BTA breakfast asks “How do I make a difference”?

//BTA breakfast asks “How do I make a difference”?

BTA breakfast asks “How do I make a difference”?

BTA -Prof Schaps 001Ziv Ben-Dov of Out-of-the-Box Therapy in Scranton was the co-sponsor with the Jewish Federation at the 2014 winter breakfast held at the Scranton JCC.

After a delightful buffet breakfast, Mr. Ben-Dov began by showing a video clip of the famous philosopher and Holocaust survivor, Victor Frankl. Frankl discussed the importance of having a moral compass and that it is imperative to aim high in the hopes of achieving even the basics in the proper level of goodness and morality. If one doesn’t reach for the stars, he is bound to land way below what is necessary for society to exist.

Ziv then brought the conversation to the assembled business people and challenged them by asking what they do in their daily living, both at home and in their professions that keep them on the track of morality and decency. Many of the attendees jumped in with questions and comments including how we pass these proper values on to the next generation.

As always, each attendee had an opportunity to introduce himself/herself and their business. Welcome to Andrew Katz of Katz Financial, Lake Ariel PA.

The NEPA Business and Trade Alliance is a project of the Jewish Federation of Northeastern PA under the guidance of Becky Schastey. For further information or to join the BTA go to

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