50 Years of the Parade: Jubilee and Gold

//50 Years of the Parade: Jubilee and Gold

50 Years of the Parade: Jubilee and Gold

The Jewish Federation of Northeastern Pennsylvania joined the thousands who marched down Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue on Sunday June 1, 2014.

The weather was perfect and spirits ran high as participants, old and new, boarded the bus which picked up marchers in Scranton and East Stroudsburg. Many people have been marching with us since the Federation started joining the parade in 2008 and they commented that this was the nicest march for them.

The theme of the parade was “50 years of the Parade”. Our group’s sub-theme was based on the verse in Leviticus announcing the 50th year as a time “to proclaim liberty throughout the land and its inhabitants”. Our T-shirts depicted the Liberty Bell which has this verse etched on it. We also carried pictures of many of the medical and technological innovations that Israel has given the world. Of course, Israeli flags were carried as well.

After marching and spending time watching the parade from the sidelines, our charter bus took us to Teaneck, N.J. where everyone found their favorite kosher restaurant and shopped the many shops along Cedar Lane.

Our marchers were Jeanne Blom, Phil Cutler, Dassy Ganz, Rick Gelb, Asher and Mindy Grossman and family, Mrs. Linda Grossman, Dr. and Mrs. Joel and Leah Laury and family, Michael and Miriam Litvak and family, Gwen Pole, Becky and family, Mark Silverberg, executive director of the Federation (Scranton). The Poconos marchers were Bernie Driller, Joe Fisch, Lily Harter, Mel Kaplan, Richard Keleman, Betsy Kosmerl, Lois LaBarca, Sara McGowan and family, Rabbi Boruch Melman, Gene Scneider, Al Shivers, Al and Carol Sitroon, Donna Waite and Frank Wholey.

The Jewish Federation thanks Mr. Barth Rubin of the Budget Inn and Suites for his continued support of this event.

Many thanks to Rabbi Moshe Saks, Leah Laury and Becky for their expertise in our preparations for the parade.

Thank you to Mark Silverberg and Dassy Ganz and the Jewish Federation of NEPA for continuing excellent programming.

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