Response to BDS Activists: Be True To Yourself

//Response to BDS Activists: Be True To Yourself

Response to BDS Activists: Be True To Yourself

To those who sincerely want to boycott Israel – here is a list of Israeli inventions you should refrain from ever using, no matter the consequences. Stick to your convictions!

By: Dr. Charles L. Richman

Please do not use and do not allow your loved ones to use the following medical or life-saving devices since they were built, invented, or developed in Israel and/or Jewish researchers; just go without treatment.


1. The PillCam (capsule endoscopy) for detecting blockages or other problems in the intestine and esophagus. Blockages are what you deserve. (Made in Israel). BDS gang enjoy your pain.

2. TA Count-A Real-Time Microbiology—Detection and Counting Harmful Microorganisms in pharmaceuticals, food and drink which are complete in minutes and not days as the antiquated cell culture procedures require. BDS gang members, live with your tissue destructive microorganisms. (Made in Israel).

3. Mazor Robotics’ Spine and other Surgery Robots—a highly accurate procedure that requires less time and less intense radiation. BDS gang members, you’re spineless anyway. (Guess where it is made).

4. Optical Heartbeat Monitor—a fast and accurate camera with a small laser to assess patients heart health. Why should you use this monitor BDS fans since you’re heartless (Don’t let your doctor use it to save your life since it was made in Israel).

5. Itamar Medical Watch Pad—Diagnose and treat sleep apnea in persons own bedroom; during sleepwalking don’t worry, you are not walking in much traffic in Times Square, NY.

6. EarlySense allows nurses in cardiac wards to monitor patients’ heart rate, respiration, and movements remotely. So don’t let the nurses of your hospitalized father, spouse, mother, or any other of your relatives monitor her/his heart after cardiac arrest.

7. Baby Sense is a non-touch, no radiation device designed to prevent crib deaths by monitoring a baby’s breathing. Don’t use this devise to protect your child because it was made in Israel.

8.AIDS treatment that targets and destroys more than 40% of HIV-infected cells without affecting healthy cells. Stay infected BDS members. (Made in Israel).

9. Salvarsan discovered by the Jewish researcher, Dr. Ehrlich, for the treatment of Syphilis, should never be used by the BDS gang members and loved ones.

10. By the way the Syphilis diagnostic tool, the Wasserman test was discovered by the Jewish doctor. His name is Wasserman.

11.An Israeli company, Nano Retina, has developed an artificial retina to restore sight to visually impaired people. No one you care about should ever use this device; they should remain blind because of your anti-Jewish hate.

12. Dr. Weisser discovered a method to diagnose Gonorrhea; so avoid the use of this diagnostic since Dr. Weisser is Jewish.

13. There should be a warning label on Digitalis since it was discovered by the Jewish researcher Dr. Ludwig Traube; and, Insulin for diabetes treatment should never be used by the BDS gang since Dr. Minkowisky invented it.

14. Israeli organization, the “Save a Child’s Heart” program, performs free open heart surgery on underprivileged children around the world. NOTE: 50% of the patients are from Judea-Samaria, Jordan, Iraq, and Morocco. A SECOND NOTE NOT PUBLICIZED: Many children and adults from Gaza who are seriously ill received treatment in Israeli hospitals. Why don’t you protest this?

15. What a tragedy it would be if a BDS leader to accept the recommendation of his/her doctor or dentist of Novocain since the Jewish team of Drs. Weil and Widal were the discoverers. You BDS hate mongers enjoy your pain.

16. BDS gang leaders and advocates do not let your children take the Diphtheria treatment Schick vaccine (Bella Schick). And by all means do let them administer the anti-Polio vaccine discovered by the Jewish researcher, Jonas Salk a half a century ago.

17. Dear BDS advocates did you know that Dr. Zalman Waxman invented the drug Streptomycin for the treatment of Tuberculosis—using it is a ‘no, no’ since Waxman is Jewish.

18. An Israeli company has developed RE-WALK, an upright walking assistance tool enabling paraplegics to stand, walk, and climb stairs.

19. BDS gang members please refrain from using Chloral Hydrate when you have uncontrollable convulsions, WHY? Because its discoverer, Dr. Oscar Leibreich, is Jewish. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF

20. By the way, you BDS gang members are emulating the former KKK Grand Dragon, David Dukes. Are you not proud of yourself?

 Originally posted on August 7, 2018 at UnitedWithIsrael.org
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