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Helping others in need has long been a mandate of the Jewish people. And coming through in a crisis is one of the things the Jewish Federation does best.

Providing aid to victims of the current wildfires crisis in Israel, or of Hurricane Katrina, or sending Israeli children to summer camps when missiles are falling near their homes, or during Operation Defensive Shield, the Gaza War or the Second Lebanon War, the Federation has been there for the Jews of Israel and around the world.

The most recent of the Federation’s most prominent emergency relief efforts:

Wildfires in Israel

In December, 2010, members of the Jewish communities of Northeastern Pennsylvania rallied around the noblest of causes – rebuilding the 77-acre Yemin Orde Youth Village – 40% of which was destroyed by the catastrophic forest fire that devastated Northern Israel in early December. The fire claimed the lives of 43 Israelis. Nearly 500 children were affected. Graduates of Yemin Orde, many of whom work or live in the Village, returned to it after the children were evacuated to help protect it against the fire – saving the Village synagogue’s Torah scrolls – until police forced them to evacuate. The forest fire consumed over 10,000 acres of trees, destroyed hundreds of buildings and necessitated the evacuation of more than 17,000 people in what is the worst natural disaster in the country’s history.

The Federation’s contribution of $4,044 will assist in the relief effort. READ MORE…