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Emergency Relief

The Federation joins with the Jewish Federations of North America to address the urgent, intensifying needs that exist in Israel and among the most vulnerable Jews in the world. Helping others in need has long been a mandate of the Jewish people. And coming through in a crisis is one of the things the Jewish Federation does best.

Providing aid to victims conflict in the Ukraine, the earthquake in Nepal, or sending Israeli children to summer camps when missiles are falling near their homes, or during Operation Defensive Shield, the Gaza War or the Second Lebanon War, the Federation has been there for the Jews of Israel and around the world.


Local Partners

The Federation takes pride in working collaboratively with our local beneficiary agencies enabling them to perform their life-changing work. Read More…

Overseas Partners

Our partner, the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) is a humanitarian organization committed to the highest ideals of freedom and equality, and has been the driving force behind the unique bond between Jews worldwide and Israel. Read More…

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

In the former Soviet Union and throughout the Jewish world, JDC plays a pivotal role in the Jewish renaissance. It works to improve existing services and develop new ones by working directly with Israeli agencies. Read More…