Gab CEO Attacks Jews and Promotes AntiSemitism

//Gab CEO Attacks Jews and Promotes AntiSemitism

Gab CEO Attacks Jews and Promotes AntiSemitism

Daniel Chejfec, Ph.D. – Executive Director, Jewish Federation of NEPA

The Jewish Community of Northeastern Pennsylvania strongly rejects the comments made during the current gubernatorial race by the CEO of Gab that set Jews apart from our fellow Americans and excludes us from his platform for the sole reason of being Jewish. The fact that Gab has a local physical address in Clarks Summit only adds to our concerns. The comments by Gab CEO Andrew Torba greatly worry our community for their strong similarities with the comments and actions of fascist dictators in Europe and their misguided American supporters before the beginning of World War II.

In America, we cherish Freedom of expression, Freedom of conscience, and Freedom of religion. The exclusion of American citizens on the basis of their beliefs is contrary to the values our nation represents. Our laws guarantee that all citizens are equal under the law. We call on all political actors to unequivocally reject the comments made by the administrators of Gab and repudiate Andrew Torba and his platform of hate. We must not allow the merchants of hate to hijack our free society.  

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