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Each year, the Jewish Federation of Northeastern Pennsylvania calls upon members of our community to assist in defraying the expenses of issuing our regional Jewish newspaper, The Reporter. The newspaper is delivered twice a month (except for December and July, which are single-issue months) to each and every identifiable Jewish home in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

As the primary Jewish newspaper of our region, we have tried to produce a quality publication for you that offers our readership something on everything – from opinions and columns on controversial issues that affect our people and our times, to publicity for the events of our affiliated agencies and organizations, personality profiles, letters to the editor, the Jewish community calendar and other columns that cover everything from food to entertainment.

Our circulation has increased from 1,200 families in 2000 to an expected 3,850 Jewish families by January 2011 (throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania). Our costs have increased accordingly, but this newspaper will continue to be provided to you and your family at no cost whatsoever.

The Federation Board of Trustees assumes the financial responsibility for funding the enterprise at a cost of $26,000 per year and asks only that we undertake a small letter-writing mail campaign to our recipients in the hope of raising $9,000 from our readership to alleviate a share of that responsibility.

We would be grateful if you would care enough to take the time to make a donation for our efforts in bringing The Reporter to your door.

For more information on advertising in The Reporter, call the Federation at (570) 961-2300 (ext. 1) or e-mail your “Friends of the Reporter” pledged gift to Mark Silverberg.

Should you wish to contribute to our “Friends” Campaign, you may also direct your check to:

Jewish Federation of Northeastern Pennsylvania
601 Jefferson Avenue
Scranton, PA 18510
ATTN: “Friends of the Reporter”

……and thanks for your support