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This year, the Jewish Federation will be featuring the documentary Blue Tattoo:

8539004Blue Tattoo is a documentary film that relates how folksinger/songwriter Joe Crookston of Ithaca, NY and Holocaust survivor Dina Jacobson of Elmira, NY came together to form a unique friendship with a common sense of purpose.

After meeting Dina at her home, Joe crafted the song Blue Tattoo based on her life experiences. The song is written from the perspective of Dina, newly emigrated to America, explaining the meaning of the blue tattoo on her arm to her four year old daughter, Connie, in a way that protects her child’s sense of innocence.

Dina and Joe have worked to bring a greater understanding of the Holocaust to this and future generations: she, through visiting schools and speaking to young people about her experiences at Auschwitz; he, through the powerful imagery of his song. Together they have touched thousands of people by making them mindful of the consequences of prejudice and persecution, and of the power of the human spirit to persevere and be triumphant.

Also it’s important to write that Rich Kellman, co-producer of the movie will be here to introduce the film and take questions when it is over.

Read more about the film: “A blue tattoo: Tier Holocaust survivor inspires region to never forget” – The Ithaca Journal