27th Annual Teen Symposium on the Holocaust

//27th Annual Teen Symposium on the Holocaust
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The 27th Annual Teen Symposium on the Holocaust
Co-sponsored by Hilton Scranton & Conference Center and the Jewish Federation of NEPA

Grades 8 – 12 welcome with appropriate preparation
Choice of Tuesday, May 5th OR Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Time:              8:30AM registration; 8:50AM sharp program begins; 1:30PM – 1:45PM dismissal

Where:            The Hilton Scranton & Conference Center, 100 Adams Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503

What:              The Teen Symposium on the Holocaust is a full day program that deals with the causes and effects of the Holocaust. It also provides an opportunity for participants to meet with survivors of the Holocaust and American GIs, who liberated the Nazi concentration camps. Sessions with survivors are the core of the day. Meetings with these witnesses bring insights and understanding that only such “living history” can bring to those who hear firsthand testimony.

Each day’s program will be held at the Hilton Hotel on Adams Avenue, with breakout sessions in different conference rooms. The day will begin with two brief introductory sessions followed by the film, Children Remember the Holocaust. Breakout sessions follow, where small group meetings with survivors are held. After lunch, attendees will return to the Casey Ballroom for the production of Lida Stein and the Righteous Gentile and a guided audience discussion.

The afternoon session is a 50 minute play that follows “ordinary” people from “ordinary” families caught up in the extraordinary political and social upheaval during the Nazi era. It focuses on the relationship between Lida Stein, a Jewish teenage girl, and her best friend Dora Krause, a German teenage girl. The play probes issues from the perspective of teenagers, both Jewish and non-Jewish, who are swept up in life-altering decisions about friendship, politics, and family loyalty in difficult times. The audience discussion that follows addresses two key aspects of the Holocaust era: the gradual intimidation and eventual segregation of the Jewish community from the larger society, and the characters, motivations and consequences of the decisions of friendly and non-friendly German adults and youth. It will also focus on peer pressure and its impact on decision making, family loyalty, personal responsibility, moral strength, and commitment.

The only mandatory fee involved is lunch prepared by Hilton’s food service. The cost is $7.00 for students and $9.00 for teachers. (Please note that teachers will be eating with their students).

Registration begins on a first-come, first-served basis upon the receipt of this notice to our office. It will end when all available spaces are filled. Participation requires adherence to the time schedule, which includes check in before 8:50AM. Registration deadline is April 15th with payment in full. Payees will incur a $25.00 fee if paid on the day of the Symposium.

Please be aware, and make your students aware, of the fact that the survivor they meet will have gone through one or more of many experiences in the Holocaust, but may not be a survivor of a concentration camp. School groups are divided so that participants from each school meet several people and can share what they learn upon returning to school.

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