You Are What You Eat!

//You Are What You Eat!

You Are What You Eat!

You Are What You Eat!

By: Leah Laury

Mrs. Devorah E. Goldberg a noted kosher macrobiotic chef and caterer from Englewood,NJ, was a most entertaining guest lecturer at the most recent Women’s Program for the 2012 UJA Federation campaign of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Over fifty women from Clarks Summit and Scranton gathered at the Jewish Home of Eastern Pennsylvania to watch a demonstration on how to eat healthy and enjoy it too.

The term “macrobiotics” comes from the Greek, “macro” meaning “large” or “long”, and “bios” meaning “life” . Macrobiotics is a healthy, holistic way of living a balanced lifestyle.The food we eat translates into energy and has a significant impact on internal healing mechanisms. Macrobiotic theory defines very clear energy patterns in food and promotes understanding of how those patterns interact with one another.

Mrs. Goldberg introduced the audience to macrobiotics and the need to minimize the use of oils, sugars or red meats. Instead focus on preparing whole grains, organic vegetables and beans. She instructed the audience to clean green leafy vegetable with salt or vinegar and water 3x. This will eliminate any unwanted bugs and sand. She noted that agave is a great substitute for sugar.  She demonstrated the need to balance the yin and yang in meals and went on to describe how this correlation is also true of all relationships in life.

Mr. Goldberg prepared for the audience some delicious foods including a red lentil loaf, water sautéed vegetable medley of kale, carrots and onions, quinoa and an apple masha (crisp).  Attendees were pleasantly surprised by the the flavor and quality of the food. One impressed individual said, “ I’ve never eaten so healthy, and it’s good!”. All were given copies of the recipes made during the program.

One recommendation that was noted by Goldberg is the need to minimize the use of aluminum if possible in our cookware and baking powder and, if you need to use foil, then be sure to use the shiny side down.  When studies have been performed on patients with Alzheimer’s disease, scientists have found that patients have high concentration of aluminum in their brain.

Mrs Goldberg also offered a solution to help with headaches or settle upset stomachs.  Prepare yourself a tamari tea. Recipe: One teaspoon of Tamari sauce, 1 cup hot water, and balanced out with 1 chopped scallion or celery.

Mrs. Goldberg has been giving classes on macrobiotics for young and old for many years and has found that the interest in living such a healthy lifestyle has increased recently. Devorah Goldberg ended her program by wishing one and all a happy and healthy new year.

Enjoy this recipe for Devorah Goldberg’s Red Lentil Loaf

1-16 oz bag red lentils, rinsed                      ½ cup fresh flat leaf parsley, chopped

1 clove garlic                                                  2 C filtered water

1 medium onion, chopped                           3 drops extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp oregano                                                 2T unpasteurized barley or red miso

In large sauté pan, sauté garlic, then onions, until translucent. Add oregano, lentils and water. Stir well, cover and cook approximately 20 minutes until lentils are soft.  Add chopped pasley and miso.  Place in loaf pan. Cool. Cover and place in refrigerator. Serve at room temperature or heated.

Devorah Goldberg preparing a sample of a macrobiotic meal.

Devorah Goldberg explaining the philosophy of macrobiotic cooking

Dassy Ganz, Campaign Associate introduces the speaker (in background)

A partial view of the over 50 women who enjoyed the event

Left to right- Miriam Banicky, Bernice Ecker, Nancy Rainey

Left to right- Miriam Banicky, Bernice Ecker, Nancy Rainey

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