You Answered the Call!

//You Answered the Call!

You Answered the Call!

The congenial group of solicitors schmoozed over coffee, bagels and pastries at Nivert Metal headquarters in Throop. Executive Director Mark Silverberg and Campaign chairs Jeff Rubel, Don Douglass and Barbara Nivert called everyone together and led the discussion of solicitation methods. And so Super Sunday began this past October 14, 2012.

Thanks to volunteers who came out early Sunday morning as well as those who joined for the Monday evening follow-up session, the Jewish Federation’s annual UJA campaign raised thousands more to help our local Jewish agencies and Jews the world over, especially in Israel. Some of our volunteers actually took cards home to continue the calls even after our session at Nivert Metal ended.

We can’t do it without our dedicated volunteers: Esther Adelman, Maggy Bushwick, Don Douglass, Bernice Ecker, Esther Elefant, Nancy Friedman, Jeff Ganz, Ruth Gelb, Janet Holland, Barbara Nivert, Jeff Rubel and Millie Weinberg.


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