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Allocations Philosophy

Invariably, the Federation has managed to achieve a balance as equitable as possible for all concerned and by meeting the needs of our local agencies through allocations and supplementary grants, where indicated. At the same time, there is a strong commitment to our overseas allocations, which has been an historic factor in our successful campaigns. The Jewish Federations Israel/Overseas allocation hovers around 30% of allocatable dollars – one of the highest percentages in the country. The national average is 17%.

Each year the allocations process is reviewed so that changes can be made that are more accommodating to the local agencies, as well as fulfilling Federation responsibilities for overseas needs.

Allocations Process

The annual allocations process is an intensive undertaking begun in January when budget application forms are sent to each of the Federation’s recipient agencies with agency budget deadlines normally set for mid-March. At the same time, the Federation divides the Allocations Committee into five (5) Allocations Teams consisting of members of the Federation Board of Trustees. These Teams meet with agency representatives between March and early May during which time they conduct site visits and speak with representatives of their assigned agencies to clarify any budgetary issues that arise from their submissions. Immediately thereafter, each Team determines an appropriate allocation to recommend for each agency at the Final Plenary which is traditionally held in late May. At the Final Plenary, Team proposals are reviewed taking into account the net funds available to allocate based on the recently concluded annual UJA Campaign. Recommendations from the Final Plenary are then submitted for approval to the Board of Trustees in June.