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The annual allocations process is an intensive undertaking begun in January when budget application forms are sent to each of our recipient agencies. At the same time, the Federation begins the organization of the Allocations Committee by asking members of the constituent agencies, as well as the Executive Committee of the Jewish Federation, for their recommendations as to people who should be placed on the committee. The committee consists of 28 people, including the Federation president, current campaign chairman, and the immediate past UJA Campaign Chair(s).

Every effort is made to include people who represent the diversity of our community, including age, sex, denominational affiliation, areas of residence and levels of giving.

Once the committee is organized, an Initial Plenary is held when funding strategies and new approaches to the allocations process are reviewed and an allowance for pledges that may not be fulfilled is made.

At the Final Plenary, the sub-committee proposals are reviewed, after having first been mailed to all Allocations Committee members. Recommendations are then made and submitted for approval by the Board of Trustees in June.

Since, in most instances, these recommendations are not changed, this early process enables the Federation to inform its constituent agencies of their likely allocation so that they can adjust their budgets, accordingly, for the second half of the year.

The Federation’s Fiscal Year runs from July 1st to June 30th.