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Yotam Ovadia was planning a romantic dinner for Tu B’Av. The decorated IDF combat vet and his wife, Tal, had so much to celebrate. Their second son was born just months earlier, Yotam had a good job that allowed Tal to work part-time as a teacher, and they had everything to look forward to.

But as he headed to buy groceries for the holiday meal, a Palestinian terrorist entered their neighborhood and attacked Yotam with a knife, stabbing him from behind.

Although he fought back bravely—slowing the terrorist down so that others would be spared—he lost his life in the process.

The media and the dignitaries called Yotam a hero. Thousands attended his funeral…

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But after the dignitaries and reporters were gone, all that Tal was left with was the cries of 3-year-old Itay and 9-month-old Harel, and her part-time teacher’s salary.

Today, they survive on weekly community donations of food and diapers. Their lives are shattered and their future is uncertain.

A memorial fund has been established to help them in their time of need; to tell them that the world will not abandon them, to show them that, like Yotam, others will stand up in the face of terror.

Can you help?

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