Seventy Years After the Holocaust, Why Is Europe Again Labeling Jews?

by Michael Freund published in Hamodia, November 10, 2015 For the past several weeks, hardly a day has gone by without a barrage of Palestinian terror attacks against innocent Israelis. Fueled by ceaseless incitement orchestrated by senior Palestinian officials, terrorists have taken up knives, guns and stones in an effort to terrify and intimidate the Jewish state and instill fear among its residents. This is a clear-cut case of good versus evil, of a democratic … Continue reading

Nicky’s Family – In Remembrance of Kristallnacht

NICKY’S FAMILY is an emotional retelling of the remarkable efforts one man took to rescue 669 Czech children from death during WWII. Sir Nicholas Winton was a young English businessman at the time; but when chance brought him to Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia, he put aside his own pursuits and began organizing the many children of Jewish refugees to escape Nazi clutches. Once he had appointed himself the authority for such matters, Winton went to work … Continue reading

I Stand With…..

Avi Ganz November 1, 2015, 7:59 am The Times of Israel The human mind is pretty amazing.  We anticipate evil as something other than our own experience.  Sure, there are shoplifters, tax-evaders, and the Devil’s first-begotten son: double parkers, but they are not EVIL.  Evil refers to a special brand of villain; the kind one meets on a page or in a theater. We’ll never meet a real gangster — only gangsters meet gangsters. Only … Continue reading

The Great Challah Bake Comes to Scranton

Three years ago, the Jewish community of South Africa under the guidance of their Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Warren Goldstein, inaugurated The Shabbos Project, inviting all the Jews of South Africa to celebrate a complete Shabbat together. The concept of Jewish unity under the banner of Shabbat was contagious. Thousands of women gathered on the Thursday evening before the designated Shabbat and in small and large groups around the country, baked challah. Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and … Continue reading

Super Sunday 2016 Counts on Volunteers

Once again loyal volunteers came to Nivert Metal on Sunday October 11 and to the Scranton JCC on Monday October 12 make solicitation calls on behalf of the Jewish Federation of Northeastern Pennsylvania and the United Jewish Campaign. Our thanks to Lou Nivert for his yearly donation of his place of business for this worthy endeavor. Thanks as well to the office staff of the Federation for providing a delicious brunch for the solicitors as … Continue reading

Israel Mission

The culmination of our year is the Israel Mission, this year planned for Sunday October 18- Wednesday October 28, 2015. This year’s theme is “Bring Your Friends to Israel”. We are looking for groups of friends to join together to make this a most exciting and meaningful experience. Jay Weiss will give trip highlights at the May 28th event when tour guide, Lee Glassman, will speak.

Wiesenthal Center to UNRWA: When will you Repudiate Palestinian Terrorists’ Crimes Against Humanity?

Which Nation Funding UNRWA Would React Differently if its Citizens Were Stabbed, Shot, Bombed and Rammed by Terrorists? Simon Wiesenthal Center October 13, 2015 The Simon Wiesenthal Center slammed the United Nation Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for criticizing Israel’s efforts to quell barbaric terrorist attacks by Palestinians against Israelis in Jerusalem and across the Jewish State. UNRWA expressed its concern over the use of live ammunition by Israeli forces – a policy the agency … Continue reading